BREWERY HART HART OF PRESTON Proudly Brewing in Preston
A brief history of Hart Brewery History now knows I spent 12 great years with Andrew and his family at the Cartford and I was taught a lot by a man who not only had one of the best pubs in the country but knew his cellarmanship. After another 3 years with the new owners it was time to move on. Then came the inspiration…………I thought I want to be up there with the best were we should be When the lease was up we thought we have to be in preston, my home town There were a few false starts  with the golden cross and nono Then we found the ideal place although no brewery tap to support us I think the team are good enough to take us to were we should be The last  year nov 2009 to 2010 were the worst time in the breweries history but something has come out of it terry and myself fighting spirit  to survive The third  member of staff came along by chance terry and I were waiting for the news of nonos  and were having  dinner in the  dog and partridge when eddie Mather came up to us and asked how we were doing… We said not good ………….eddie started to talk about brewing and his enthusiasm came flooding out I said to terry this man is good ….. eddie  then went home and came back with a recipe book from the bass museum and started to explain the recipes that he has done  (scaled down to 5 gallon home brew levels ) this was when we knew we had to have eddie as part of the team We asked him to join us lucky  for us he was unemployed and  the job centre sent him to us on a 3 week trial  that we knew we would not need So we have now a 3 year lease and 2 good men with me plus a city  and camra  branch that wants a top brewery to be proud of. Regards John Smith (Brewery Owner) Now with John semi retiring the Brewery moves into a new phase. We aim to keep the same high quality ales while working to bring new ales that match and possibly exceed the old. Peter Dean Hart Brewery Ltd
After 15 years Hart Brewery is on the move
All the kit leaves the Cartford little knowing it would be over a year before brewing would begin in Preston
First it went to the Golden Cross and then onto Nonos
Due to the failure of these moves it’s off on it’s travels again
Finally the kit arrives at our new prermises
Graham marking out the floor ready for the kit
The new brewery finally starts to take shape
The kit moves into place ready to start brewing
All the kit’s in place and ready to go into action
The first of Hart’s relaunched beers begins brewing in Preston
At last the brewery is up and running in Preston and the traditional Hart beers relaunch with a brand new image
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BREWERY HART HART OF PRESTON Proudly Brewing in Preston